Star Directions

In our first conceptual objective, I can explain how astronomical objects like the sun, planets, stars appear to move in the sky, this relates to my article “What direction Do stars Move in the sky?” because it talks about the different directions these objects are moving and if there even moving at all. In class, we talked about whether these stars are moving or if it’s the Earth’s axis that is confusing us they are. According to the article, “The Sun, Moon and stars all appear to rise in the East and set in the West, because the Earth revolves on its axis in the opposite direction from West to East every 24 hours. The movement we therefore observe is not their movement, but our own as we go zipping along on the surface of the Earth towards the East”. This is answering the question we’ve thought so long about, it’s both, the astronomical objects are moving and at times they are not. The stars do move east to west and some of them don’t move its just the Earths rotations that makes it appear that way. This article opposes a theory that “seeing is believing”, it says that on a clear night if you spend time looking directly up and study a constellation of stars you could see this first hand. We talked about this in class as well that if you take to the time to concentrate that you will see this as well. This article specifically states what we discussed in class along the lines of how these objects are moving. I found this article super helpful and easy to understand in the way it talks about the motion of the stars. It made me realize there’s a lot more that meets the eyes when it comes to space and I’m excited to keep learning about what other objects are moving and where.Circumpolar Polaris



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