The final value of K

The base unit of thermodynamic temperature, Kelvin, is undergoing a complete makeover. As of right now, Kelvin has always been based on the triple point of water. This goes along with other SI units such as temperature, where they rely on a material that has varying properties. The article “Ready for the new kelvin“, published by UniverseToday writes that the new permanent change will commence Fall 2018, Resulting in all SI units depending on constants. Outlining the inconsistencies with the current measurement of kelvin, water, we must look at how the substance can be changed into three states: Solid, liquid, gas, and sometimes plasma. The new change will become the “measure of all things.”

Heavily weighing towards the temperature side of our class’ 8th conceptual objective, “Luminosity and Temperature”, This article will redefine all SI units. In class Prof. Morrison taught us many vital equations in regards to temperature such as: Absolute zero: 0K=-273c=-459F and Room temperature: 300K=20c=68F. My assumption is these equations may have to undergo changes to adapt to the redefinement taking place next year.

I am intrigued to say the least about this article. I cannot wait to see how we will obtain the daily forecast for the next week because we will not be relying on water or any other varying substances anymore for temperature. Now we will be using the measurement of kinetic energy to determine this.


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