A High Definition Telescope?

In the article, A High Definition Telescope? Yeah… The Celestron EdgeHD, on universetoday.com, author Tammy Plotner goes in depth about a new telescope that has been developed for those backyard star gazers. This new high definition telescope was based off the basic Schmidt Cassegrain design. Using the SCT design allows for an affordable HD telescope for amateur astronomers. With both, visual and photographic capabilities, the Celestron EdgeHD is a reflecting telescope where light becomes concentrated when it is focused precisely. This maximizes image brightness, improves resolution and limiting magnitude when compared to telescopes of equal aperture. There is also a cooling vent behind the primary mirror to let hot air escape.


One of the most promoted aspects of this telescope is that it is affordable and it wont be dragging and snagging on anything when attempting to move its position. Sure, the whole package with the mount and tripod is expensive but the high quality of the mount is definitely worth it. This telescope captures the most magnificent celestial photographs with minimal atmospheric light distortion.

This article relates to the ninth conceptual objective, “I can describe: 1.) the functions of a telescope, 2.) types of telescopes and 3.) why some telescopes are placed on the ground and some in space.” The majority of telescopes used in current astronomical research are reflectors. From our lecture tutorials notebook, the telescopes and Earth’s atmosphere section has shed some light and why only certain telescopic projects are funded over others. A lot of the reasons why some are funded over others is due to the reality of receiving accurate data that can be used for research. With this new HD telescope, amateur star gazers on the ground have a better opportunity to see how the stars move at night and to observe their different positions.

Reading this article was informative and interesting. I have an old telescope at home that my dad and I used to use in the backyard many many moons ago. Learning about an actual HD telescope to star gaze has captured my interest. Some day I would like to own this telescope.


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