Dancing Black Holes


In this article i read connecting to conceptual objective 7, titled “Dual Black Holes Spinning in a Cosmic Dance- Complete with disco ball” the author discusses how there are black holes that are moving or “waltzing” around heading towards the milky way. This then creates a disco ball look alike with different colors going into space caused by the circular motion. In this article written by Julia Comerford, she says that the black holes “waltzing” towards us are shifting a blue light and that the black holes moving away from us are creating a red light, which then brings up the “disco ball” reference.

A red color illumination appears when the black holes shift away from each other, and when the black holes are shifting near each other it gives off a blue illumination. Velocity of these black holes is determined by these color illuminations.

In class we learned that if a star was moving towards us it was blue shifted, and vice versa with a redshifted star. This all connects to page 75 in the lecture tutorial book when we learned about the Doppler Shift asking questions about blue shifted vs. redshifted stars.

I thought this article was extremely useful because it will help me remember the material easier because of the disco ball scenario in the article. I also enjoyed this article because i was able to relate it to our lecture tutorial book.


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