Newton’s Laws

I found an article on called “‘Impossible’ Space Engine Might Actually Work, Study Suggest“. It explains that an engine design called the EmDrive seems to violate the laws of physics, specifically Newton’s third law. This engine generates thrust by bouncing microwaves around inside a cone-shaped chamber. Newton’s third law of motion says, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Since there’s no exhaust expelled out of the EmDrive system it should not work. The EmDrive produced about 1.2 millinewtons of force per kilowatt of energy and this is 100 times more thrust than a solar sailing space craft. This engine is not yet made, but is a proof of concept.

In class we learned about all of Newton’s laws of motion and gravity. We did a couple pages in the lecture tutorial to further our knowledge on Newton’s laws. An example being that if a spacecraft stopped between Earth and Mars, the spacecraft would move toward Earth because it’s gravitational pull is stronger.

I think this article is interesting because it is cool that scientists have tested a design that breaks the laws of physics. It should be impossible but it some how works! Science works in mysterious ways and we (scientists) keep discovering more and more about it.


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