Hubble takes advantage of the opposition to snap Jupiter

For conceptual objective number 9, I can describe the functions of a telescope, types of telescopes and why some telescopes are placed on the ground and some in space, I chose an article from called “Hubble takes advantage of opposition to snap Jupiter”. I chose this article because it talks about how astronomers are taking advantage of the Hubble telescope to take pictures of Jupiter while Earth and Jupiter are going to be very close due to that the Sun, Earth, and Jupiter will be at points in their orbit where all three line up. Creating an optimal time to take picture on Jupiter as it approaches so close to Earth and because Jupiter will be very bright in the sky. The Hubble telescope, which is a reflecting telescope, will be using its Wide field camera 3 lens to take these pictures of Jupiter as it passes.

In class we learned about the different types of telescopes. One type is called a refracting telescope. A refracting telescope uses convex, which bends outward, lenses to collect, focus, and magnify light. Light rays shine through the objective or the main lens where it is then focused at the focal length of the eye piece. We then have another type of telescope called a reflecting telescope. This type uses concave, bends inwards, mirrors. Light travels down the tube of the telescope where it is reflected onto a secondary mirror near the top of the tube which then directs the light into the eyepiece. Which we learned about when the telescope was brought in and we were able to look down the tube and see the big mirror at the end of the tube. We also learned about these telescopes and the difference between land based ones and one in orbit in our workbook and text book pages 140-156. Land based telescopes have the advantage of being able to be bigger, cheaper, and easier to maintain, where as space telescopes dont have any of these positives. But they make up for this in their ability to take pictures without having to look through the Earths atmosphere which distorts the images.

I thought this article was really neat because the pictures they were able to capture were incredible. It is so cool to see these incredibly close up and detailed pictures of Jupiter, that when you look at them all zoomed up like that its almost like a close up picture of coffee when someone adds in cream and sugar and you can see all these colors blending and mixing with one another. This article also really helped me realize how beneficial it is to have telescopes out in orbit because you are able to get such detailed pictures of things. I think telescopes are very cool instruments and extremely helpful when it comes to better understanding how things look and work in space.


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