The making of a Supernova

The article I decided to use for objective number 7, the composition and motion of stars, was an article from called “The making of a Supernova” . In this article they start of talking about the most common type of supernova. Where the iron core of a massive star suddenly collapses in on itself and the outer layers are thrown into space with a massive explosion. Which they then go into talking about a new theory that shows that the stars that become so called “core-collapse supernovae” might already have instability for many months before the star even blows up. Spewing material out into space and creating a dense gas shell around themselves. The article then goes into talking about how researchers now have telescopes with new technology that they used to to see things that were once invisible to us.

This article relates to objective 7 because in the article the researchers collected their data with several different kinds of light such as X-Ray and ultra violet. They watched the star heat up and ionize while a cloud of stellar matter engulfed the entire star. Through the use of light, astronomers are able to examine chemical compositions in space. This allows them to understand the process of situations, like the one being discussed in the article. So when we learned in class about the different forms of light and how they are waves we learned that depending on the type of light will determine its wavelength. We also learned that there are two different lines of light spectra, blue, which tells us an object is getting closer, and red, which tells us it is getting further away.  And with the Doppler affect, which we can use to look at different light spectra to find changes, which we can then use to determine the speed of an object. This article talks about the make up of a Supernova, which works with the composition part of the objective, while the explosion is the motion part.

I found this article pretty interesting. I couldn’t believe that their are astronomers on call like Doctors waiting to get some news of something happening so they can jump up and run to gather data of whatever it is before it is to late. I also think the article made it very easy for people to understand and actually be able to obtain the knowledge and be able to get further into the topic. I think its incredible how much we can figure out about an object just by the color it is giving off, something I would have never thought was possible! Over all I thought it was a good article and it helped me to relate our 7th objective.


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