Reach for the stars

It seems with each passing day, something new is learned about the universe, an important part of that being stars that we can see in our own night sky. As written by Matt Williams of Universe Today in his article “Why are stars different colors?” he covers the aspect that temperature and distance are a major factor in the color of a star, as well as the easiest way to classify being through the relationship between luminosity and temperature; as formed by a standard HR diagram. Throughout the article he explains how light makes up its specialized composition all the way up to Stellar evolution, an article multi-tool that easily could’ve been used for multiple conceptual objectives, in all reality. While more simple in matter as compared to articles in the past, this one is easily linked to many of our in-class pieces of learning material, from the PowerPoint slides and lectures regarding HR diagrams to namely the Lecture-tutorial simply titled “H-R Diagram” to help cover the basics somewhat more thoroughly and from a different angle. I had learned more into the classification of the Morgan-Keenan system which was very briefly covered in class and slightly under-looked, as I hadn’t known the numbers being accompanied by the letter value.


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