How much can light tell?
In the article, “Doppler Effect in Light: Red shift and Blue shift” posted by, relates to our seventh objective “I can explain how astronomers use light to determine the chemical composition, the speed, and direction of astronomical objects”. This article talks about how the Doppler effect can help by observing how frequency changes it can determine the velocity from your location, therefore being able to track the movement of objects in space. The article states that, “When observing a system with two stars, you can tell which is moving toward and which is away by analyzing how the frequencies change”. This relates to our seventh objective because this is how you tell the velocity of an astronomical object. Another way is by analyzing the light from distant galaxies using the Doppler Effect. We learned about the Doppler effect in our last lecture tutorial in class. Image result for doppler efectIt causes a blue or red shift wavelengths. In our lecture, tutorial, we learned wavelengths that experiences a red shift, if moving away from Earth, and if its blue shift it is moving towards Earth. This allows us to see other galaxies and where they’re headed to. This objective helped me get a better idea of how the Doppler effect can determine these concepts. I think it interesting to be able to see what is changing in our universe. I would have never thought that the color of a light could tell you so much.

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