Pure Brown Dwarf Star

I read an interesting article entitled Astronomers find most massive and ‘pure’ brown dwarf. This article is about how 750-lightyears away, scientists have discovered a star. What is shocking is that they are calling it the largest and most ‘pure’ brown dwarf star. Upon discovering it, they were able to classify it as an L-type ultra sub dwarf. the strange thing is that this sun observed to be brown with over 99.99% of its gasses being hydrogen and helium, which is uncommon for brown stars.

This relates to our objective because although it did not say it in the article, scientists used the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is classify this star. This diagram has a few different groupings of stars. There is a main sequence of stars that makes of a large part. This is where many dwarf stars live. There are Giants who are not apart of the main sequence but they are brighter and larger stars. Then there are red and white dwarf stars. These are hot but dim as well as cool and small. We looked at a picture of the diagram when we talked about it. Scientists use this to help classify stars. If they know the letter classification they can determine roughly the temperature and magnitude for the star and place it on the graph. We looked at a page or so in our workbook to help determine what are the same categories on the graph.

What I found interesting is that most would think that stars are always going to fall nicely into a group and be an outlier. This article however just goes to show that there are stars that do not fit any mold and that most likely means that there are more where that comes from. So it will be interesting to see if at any point in our future if changes are made to the diagram or if any new ones are created.


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