Doppler Shifted

I found an  article on called “what are red shift and blue-shift?” this article explains what it means when something is blue-shifted or red-shifted. it also talks about the visible light spectrum and how when things move towards us the light is shifted toward the blue end of the spectrum and when things move away from us it is towards the blue end of the spectrum. this article also talks about the Doppler effect, it also goes on to explain how there are three different types of redshift. “from the universe’s expansion, from the movement of galaxies relative to each other and from “gravitational redshift,” which happens when light is shifted due to the massive amount of matter inside of a galaxy.”

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This article relates to CO 7 “I can explain how astronomers use light to determine the chemical composition, the speed and direction of an astronomical object’s motion.” In class we talked about the different properties of light, how it moves at a constant speed, and how it can be a form of energy.  we also talked about the three different light spectrum, the continuous spectrum which is when all the colors are smeared together simultaneous, the discrete spectrum  where the colors are separated and the absorption spectrum where colors are actually missing. this article mainly relates to the Doppler effect which is when the light source is moving away from a person the light appears redder because the wavelength is shorter, and when the light is moving towards a person the light will appear bluer because the wavelength is shorter. a good example of this is when a police siren is coming towards you it gets louder as it approaches you.


to help us learn about these concepts we did a lecture tutorial on the Doppler effect, we also looked at different light sources with special lens that would help us see the different types of spectrum in person. we also did a lecture tutorial on the different types of spectra. all of these different exercises helped me learn and understand the conceptual objective


This was on of my favorite units in this class, I found this unit to be very interesting and the activities we did in class where super fun. light when we looked at the different light spectrum. it’s also interesting how we use the redshift and the blue shift to determine what direction that an object is moving in.


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