The colors of the stars

I found an article on universe today called what are stars different colors?  this article does a really good job in describing why the stars are different colors. there are a lot of different factors, one factor being the composition of the star, what its made of, another is temperature and distance, also known as the Doppler effect. this article had a few videos that went along with it one of them talked about the color of the sun and how we see it as yellow. the other video had to do with how we measure distance in the universe. this article also talks about stellar evolution, which is the stars life cycle. during this time a star changes size, temperature and color.

post 8

During CO 8 ” I can explain how astronomers determine the luminosity, the temperature and size of stars”  we talked about wien’s law and boltzmann law. wiens law is λmax=2,900,000/T  and boltzmann law is flux=σT^4. we then did some clicker questions comparing temperature and luminosity of stars. we learned if two stars are the same size but different surface temperatures the one that hotter is more luminous. the lecture tutorial luminosity, temperature, and size we learned how to figure out what star is more luminous based on temperature and size. IMG_7282

we emphasize this point by looking at different hotplates and determining what ones would cook spaghetti faster, sometimes if the hotplate was bigger but at a lower temperature it could cook something at the same speed as something smaller and hotter. it has to do with how fast the energy is being transferred to the pot. this relates to stars, cause the rate a star gives off energy is called the luminosity

overall this unit was a little confusing and hard to understand but after doing all the clicker questions and the lecture tutorial I found it easy to understand how temperature and size relate to luminosity


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