A galaxy minus an exploding battery

A galaxy is but one of thousands of billions out in the ever expanding universe, and while our own Milky Way is classified as a barred spiral galaxy, there exists other variants and most interestingly enough, rarity to said variants. In a collaborative effort from those at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for Sciencedaily.com, their article, subtly named “First look at new, extremely rare galaxy”, the team discusses an extremely rare form of galaxy known as Hoag-type galaxies, which are round central cores encompassed within an outer circular ring, with no known connection between the two, unlike most other galaxies; such as our own Milky Way, the previously mentioned barred spiral variety, which obtains its namesake via the bar-like stretch from the core, as mentioned in our lecture slides prior. As the article goes on, astronomers are surprised to find a mysterious second ring between the first ring and core, causing a bit of an unsettling stand about what the team knows about how the universe works, as only the outer most ring is blue and full of life, while the inner ring is a red diffusion circle; as this discovery helped conclude that this galaxy went through two different formation periods. How this article relates to our second to final conceptual objective is when compared to our interconnected barred-spiral galaxy with the characteristic blue arms of life spinning off from the tips of the stretch from the core, this newly and rarely discovered Hoag-type galaxy has nearly no relation to the place we call home, a form of unusual disconnected galaxy that may have stolen gas from nearby dwarf galaxies has researchers baffled by its sheer creation. While at first I was skeptical for choosing this article, the further on I read peaked my curiousity as more was explained about these rare galaxies, most importantly I had learned that such galaxies exist with no real connection to any other piece of itself, as well as this type able to display characteristics of multi-stage development, something I hadn’t thought possible for a galaxy to commit to.


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