Finding a lost spacecraft

I found an article on titled ” New NASA radar technique finds lost lunar spaceship” in this article it talks about how it is hard to find things orbiting around the moon using regular optical telescopes. detecting space debris in earth orbit has been a technological challenge but with the technology of a new interplanetary radar that can help detect space debris, they discovered a spacecraft orbiting the moon. this new technology could be helpful with future moon missions.

blog post 9

This article relates to CO 9 ” i can describe a) the functions of a telescope b) types of telescopes and c) why some telescopes are placed on the ground and some in space.” In class we talked about the different types of telescopes, we learned about telescopes that use radio waves and they use radio dishes to get good resolution. An example areabo telescope in Puerto Rico. while some telescopes use radio waves and dishes, there are some that use mirrors. these telescopes are called refractor telescopes, the Yerkes telescope is one of the largest refractors in the world. In class we did different lecture tutorials and clicker questions to help us understand the objective. The lecture tutorial we did was titled “telescopes and earth’s atmosphere” in this lecture tutorial  we learned about the different types of light that come into earth’s atmosphere and we learned how to decide what kind of telescope project would be the best to approve.

I found this unit kind of interesting, I never really knew that there were so many times of telescopes. while doing my astronjournal I found a lot of articles about telescopes and it is amazing the technology they have and how they can use this telescopes to help us learn more about the universe.


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