Comparing Galaxies

I found an interesting article entitled Hubble images the distant universe through a cosmic lens. This article talks about how a new galaxy cluster named Abell 370 was captured by Hubble. This cluster is 4 billion light years away and was seen through gravitational lensing. Abell 370 is too large to be apart of our local group because it contains hundreds of galaxies more than our local group. This massive cluster is more elliptical than our galaxy with a yellow red colors to them.

Unlike Abell 370, our system is more spiral shape. Our galaxy has arms extending from the core. Abell 370, along with older systems are more elliptical. It has been noted that both of these systems even though they are different shapes contain stars in every stage of life. In addition to spiral and elliptical shaped there are irregular shaped galaxies. These tend to be smaller and are in the process of actively formatting. These tend to also be seen near larger galaxies. In class we looked through the PowerPoint at pictures to help to visually see what some of these systems look like but we also looked at pages in the lecture tutorial book.

What I found interesting about this article is that this was a cluster that had been seen before but now with new technology they were able to see it better and classify it on its own. I also so amazed because in the last few months I have read so many stories about how new things have been discovered by using gravitational lensing.


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