Monstrous ‘Frankenstein Galaxy’ Made from Cosmic Spare Parts

I found an interesting article on titled, “Monstrous ‘Frankenstein Galaxy’ Made from Cosmic Spare Parts” by Mike Wall. This article talks about a galaxy named UGC 1382. It is about 250 million light years away from Earth. Astronomers had thought that this was an elliptical galaxy, but new observations show that it is a spiral galaxy. It is 718,000 light-years wide, which is about seven times bigger than our own galaxy. That’s huge! I liked that Lea Hagen quoted, “By understanding this galaxy, we can get clues to how galaxies form on a larger scale, and uncover more galactic neighborhood surprises.” It’s cool that we are discovering new stuff everyday in space. I can relate this to our conceptual object because we learned about the classification of different galaxies. In our lecture tutorial books we learned about spiral and elliptical galaxies. Spiral galaxies look like they have a flat white disk with a yellowish bulge at their centers. Theses disks are filled with gas and dust, and have spiral arms. Our galaxy the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. An elliptical galaxy is redder, rounder, and kind of looks like a football. Elliptical galaxies contain very little dust or cool gas, and because of this they have little to no ongoing star formation.


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