The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast

I found a cool article on titled, “The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast,” by Mike Wall. This article talks about how a new study suggests that the universe is expanding faster than we thought. Astronomers calculated this new rate by using quasars. They look for variations in the quasars reflection to figure out how fast the quasar is moving away from Earth. The new rate at which the universe is expanding at is at about 44.7 miles per second per mega-parsec. I thought this article was interesting because it’s cool to know that our universe is always expanding. This article relates to our conceptual because in class we talked about the Hubble Constant in class. The Hubble Constant is the rate at which the universe is expanding. The rate at which the universe expands tells us how old it is, which is about 14 billion years. In class you showed us a picture with dots on them. You told a student to pick a dot as it would represent the Milky Way galaxy. When the student picked a dot you put another set of dots on the overhead matching the Milky Way, but all the other dots were farther away from each other. This showed me that these other galaxies are moving away from us because our universe is expanding.




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