Oldest star dust

I found an article on space.com titled “Old Stardust in Young Galaxy Sheds Light on the First Stars” this article talks about a new young galaxy that was spotted that is filled with ancient star-dust from some of the earliest stars. The galaxy’s name is A2744_YD4 it resides 13 billion light years away behind the group known as Pandora’s cluster. This galaxy is the most distant galaxy observed by ALMA. “When stars die in supernova explosions, they leave behind clouds of dust and gas that can later form new stars, planets and other celestial bodies. So when astronomers found these old star remnants inside one of the youngest galaxies ever seen, the discovery came as a surprise.” this discovery provides new information about when the first super nova explosion took place.

download (1)

This article goes along with CO 17 ” I can explain how astronomers know that the universe is expanding over time and how they determine the age of the universe. In class we did a demonstration using a cluster of dots and he kept over laying dots on top of each other to show that they were slowing moving. he did this to represent how the universe has started to change over time. we also talked about Hubble’s law, which talked about how galaxies are moving away from us and that distant galaxies move fastest. we also looked at what nothing looked like, they looked at a spot in space that appeared to have nothing in it and they came back with an image that was just filled with galaxy’s

I found this unit to be very interesting, the pictures we looked at where really cool. I had a little bit of a hard time trying to connect my article to what we talked about in class but I eventually found an article that worked. I enjoyed this class a lot this semester.


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