Astronomy 101 Journey

I thought it was fun to right and learn about the second conceptual objective, because before this class I never really thought about seasons and why they change. It was always just what season is coming up next and which precipitation will go along with it for example, in the winter it will snow, so I’m going to prepare to shovel. After learning about the seasons and the causes of the seasons due to Earth’s axial tilt, it was much clearer to me that we dont just use astronomy to study the outer space, we use it in our everyday lives when we check the weather as well as we use the stars for navigation. 

The second conceptual objective that I thought was so interesting to learn about was the third conceptual objective because we learned about solar eclipses. This objective is so relevant,  because we have a solar eclipse sighting on August 21, 2017. It got me so excited to want to see a solar eclipse, which hopefully I get a chance to. Additionally, just researching an article for the blog post, and reading about a Blood Moon was fascinating, because I have never seen 1 lunar eclipse, but I got to imagine and look at pictures of 4 total lunar eclipse happening in a row, and learn about the science behind it. 

Honestly, this class was one of my favorites to learn about and participate in; not just because we didnt have any tests or quizzes. I felt like I actually learned a lot about astronomy beyond the moon and stars. Before this class I thought astronomy was only studying stars and the planets, but it has to do with more than that like measuring distances between objects in space, and seeing how galaxies compare and interact with each other. I use to think that it was only our solar system in space, but after this class, I know so much more about how close we are to finding life on another planet. I would highly recommend anyone to take this class with Professor Morrison, solely because of how much I learned without all the exams. 


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