Astronomy is Pretty Neat

My favorite blog posts was the one discussing moon phases and the one I had about the voyager 1. The reason these are my two favorites is because I found them very interesting. I found the one about the moon interesting because I see the moon everyday but I know little about it, and I didn’t even know what its phases were until this class. The voyager 1 on the other hand is fascinating because of the scale that it introduces….it has taken ~44 years for this object moving at an unimaginable speed to escape just our one little spec in the sea of slightly bigger specs that are increasingly infinite and mind numbingly large compared to us and what this object has traversed.

My experience in astronomy was rough…. but that is like absolutely 100% due to my action, or rather inaction taken throughout the class. The work is actually a lot of work and the astro-journal is a neat idea that I had 0 dedication to. Overall this class caused me a big workload that has made me dislike it slightly but I also realize that the massive workload is due to my procrastination and has nothing to do with the actual class or its content. The content of the class was very good and it was interesting all the way through. Space is truly a fascinating and humbling thing. This class made me have some short-lived existential crisis’s and it also made me rethink certain outlooks on what I perceive to be true. It has also made me realize that in terms of space, we still don’t know very much. It is the ultimate example of you always have a lot to learn in life. Astronomy was great, space is cool; Live Long and Prosper.


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