Final Assessment

Some of my favorite of this semester are the conceptual objectives second, third, and seventeen. I liked the second blog posts because I learned why the planets have seasons. Being from Illinois we have season four primary seasons, and they reasons we have these seasons is because of the orbit of the Sun and The Earth. While in the winter we are actually closer to the sun, rather in the summer when we are farther away. I found this kinda backwards thinks because is so cold in the winter and so hot in the summer. My second favorite blog post was the third one which was about the moon phases. I like to hunt deer in the fall. And deer will travel on center moon phases specially on full moons. And being able to put my previous knowledge about deer hunting and apply them to this blog post, was very fun to show my fellow classmates and teacher about deer movement and te moon phases. My final favorite blog post was the seventeenth one. I choose this for my favorite blog post because it was explain how astronomers can tell the age and how the universe is expanding. This to mean was mind-blowing, learning how we really don’t know the true age of the universe. And to learn about how it is expanding just put in into owe about the universe. It opened my eyes to how small Earth truly is.

Before taking this class I thought astronomy was just the planets and the stars. And that in this class we would look at all the planets and just look at pictures of them. But astronomy is so much more than that. There  is so many cool thing about astronomy that I would not  have thought about prior to this class. Like learning about the luminosity of stars. I did not know that different stars have different temperate, I thought they were all the same. Also having no in class exams or quizzes was very beneficial to learning astronomy. Being able to learn a concept they go read an article about that certain topic help me learn about astronomy. Because if I didn’t understand something from class I would reread it in a an article or it would be worded different and it would make sense. Ans I could apply my knowledge to what I learned in class. This astronomy class was very interesting to me. and thought me so much about astronomy.  This class was very enjoyable to learn about astronomy.


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