Final Assessment

The two posts that were my favorite out of the whole semester were “China Finishes Building World’s Largest Radio Telescope” and “The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast”. The reason these two were my favorite posts are because well first, with Chinas worlds largest telescope; it will helps us learn about the universes early days, and look for signals that other alien civilizations could of made. I love the idea of alien life and that we are one step closer to finding it. The reason I like liked the other one is because it is really cool to know that the universe is expanding and at a even faster rate than we thought! Honestly I feel like I learned more than I expected to. You do have a really weird grading system and how you do things, but I got to say it works. Before taking this class I thought astronomy was just looking at stars, but there is so much more to it than just that. I can tell you that I really enjoyed taking this class with you this semester, and it was one of my favorite classes I have taken.  I really liked doing the moon observations that was my favorite part of the class.


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