Final Blog Post

Not having in-class exams or quizzes was beneficial to my learning of astronomy, because I felt like I learned more from class by doing blog posts, astronomy journals, and lecture tutorial workbooks weekly. I personally don’t do well on tests or quizzes because they stress me out more than anything and I feel like they don’t really reflect on what I really know. I might know the content but it doesn’t show when it comes to test taking.  By doing blog posts I actually learned a lot by reading the articles that go along with the topic that we are learning in class, and sometimes I learned more from doing the blog posts and researching the topic than I did from actual class.  Its not that the teacher was bad, but sometimes things make more sense when its explained different or you see a current event talking about the topic. My favorite blog posts this Semester were Heliocentric/Geocentric model post and the H-R diagram post. Before taking astronomy class I never knew anything about these topics let alone even heard of these terms before  but after doing each of these posts I gained knowledge on them both. For example on the Heliocentric/Geocentric blog I never knew how the greeks came up with the conclusion that the Earth wasn’t;t flat.and how Aristotle saw Earth’s curved shadow of the moon during the Lunar Eclipse that proved the Earth was spherical and thats how the greeks came up with the description of the geocentric model and Nicolaus Copernicus discovered the greeks had some inconsistencies so he came up with the heliocentric model of the universe based off of his scientific observations. As for the H-R diagram post I learned how to read it and understand what it means.  For example, the diagram is a plot of luminosity against the color of stars ranging from the high-temperature blue-white stars on the left side of the diagram to the low temperature red stars on the right side.  By using this diagram astronomers are able to trace out the life cycle of stars.  I also learned from doing the lecture tutorial in class, we concluded that the stars with the same temperature have the same spectual type and stars with the same luminosity have the same absolute magnitude number. Before taking the class I would have been so confused looking at an H-R diagram in confusion.  Overall I learned a lot from this class and I am so glad we didn’t have to take tests because honestly I probably would not have passed, but more so I would not have gained so much understanding on how our universe works.


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