Final Blog Post


Before taking this Astronomy class, I thought that we were literally going to talk about basically our Milky Way and the stars. I thought that class was going to be interesting but I didn’t expect it to blow my mind. My interest for Astronomy literally skyrocketed. The most surprising thing that I’ve learned about in class was the dark matter. First of all dark matter, it even puzzled astronomers. Dark matter is a non-luminous matter that can’t be detected directly which I found that pretty fascinating.


One thing that I really loved about this class is the blog posts. I felt that it was better than just writing a paper or doing a homework sheet. You can actually get your voice heard and can share to others what you learned throughout the semester which I found pretty fascinating I feel like it was a wonderful idea to come up with. I hope more teachers can do this because the thought of getting homework done and sharing it with the world at the same time is brilliant. I have really enjoyed this class.


I felt that I learned more than I expected about the universe. I really enjoyed learning about the elements that are out in space. I never realised that we were made from old stars. When that was brought to my attention it just blew my mind.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the journal. I got to actually study the moon and write down the most up to date space articles. Reading articles from is cool because they have a bunch of good articles to read about. So if you want to gain some knowledge on what astronomers are doing in this day and age, I would recommend that you should go to that site. I feel that reading about the current events in astronomy is indeed very good when trying to learn new things.


I would recommend future Astronomy 101 to keep on going with the blogs because I find it a pathway to get to your potential and sharing your ideas at the same time. Best of all I like the idea of not taking class exams or quizzes was beneficial to my learning of astronomy, because exams can only measure a little bit of your knowlege but you fully don’t know what they actually learned, but by creating blog post you get more of an idea of what the students know and what they don’t know and at the same time it’s pretty fun to create blogs.


When comparing how I felt about astronomy before and now, I would say that before I felt that it was going to be more of just studying the stars, planets, and our milky way, but after taking this class I feel that I truly have a better understanding of astronomy and really what it stands for.


One thing that I really enjoyed in the class was the clicker questions, I felt that it truly helped shape my knowledge of the objectives that we were going over in class. I also enjoyed learning about the lecture tutorials and how you can truly test your knowledge by going over the questions in the book.

I would indeed recommend that people should take Astronomy 101, because you can truly learn a lot about the Galaxies nearby or far. I also think what made Astronomy more fun was the blogs because it really got you to open your mind about the subject and it also made it where you want to do a good job on the blogs.


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