Final Blog Post

The first blog post that I found interesting was actually my very first one. The article was entitled Colliding stars will light up the night sky in 2022. I remember I found this article really interesting because it was at the beginning of the semester and my knowledge of astronomy was much more limited than it is now. I really liked this blog post because I was amazed by first off how many current events happen everyday. Also with this particular post I remembered being amazed at the fact that stars do indeed collide. I really liked this post because even though it was my first I was already having the chance to learn concepts that we would talk about later in the semester.  Furthermore I liked this post because I learned that even though things do not happen everyday in space, new things are always being discovered and seen all around the world.

The second blog post that I found interesting and that is one of my favorites is my post about telescopes. The article is entitled NASA and HAXA to develop replacement X-ray astronomy telescope. This post was another favorite of mine because I enjoyed learning about the telescopes. Before doing this post I had no idea how many different types of telescopes there were all over the world. I was found so interesting is that different telescopes can do different things and that there is not one telescope out their that can do everything. Depending on the type of wavelengh will depend on the type of telescope that can be used. This article was so interesting because it talked about how between the US and Japan together they are working to launch a new telescope and I just thought it was cool to read about two different countries coming together to do something in space.

The third blog post that I enjoy is about stars dying. The article I used with this post is entitled Paloma Observatory spots a gravitationally lenses supernova. This blog post is another favorite because I really enjoyed the topic. I have always been fascinated by blackholes and so to be able to connect them to stars dying and how they can form is pretty interesting. Also I think its amazing that no one has ever actually seen one. I just thinks that adds to the coolness of them. This article was super interesting because scientists used new technology and people were so amazed and shocked. This new technology has actually been used a lot recently which I think is cool because that shows that we are living in a time when some of the coolest things are being discovered with the newest technology. I just think its amazing that people have jobs that allow them Be amazed and shocked while discovering something new.

When I was younger I loved learning about space. Thoughout my time in school I have made 2 models of the solar system and got the chance to participate in a program called Misson to Mars. However when you are younger my knowledge of space was actually much less than I thought. Through this class I was able to learn more than I thought I would. I was expecting to just talk about planets and stars every class. Instead we went deeper than what we can see. I really enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about stars and how they came to be and how what we know of our system and universe came to be. I wish we had more time to talk about the planets because those are my favorite but through current events I learned a lot about Mars and Saturn. I really did enjoy when we got to actually use the dome because what we were able to see and do was pretty incredible.


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