Final Exam Blog Post

For this final blog post I will discuss why The Milky Way blog and The Cosmic Dance blog were my favorite to write this whole semester. The Milky way post was one of my favorites because I was able to write about something that I had some prior background knowledge of and a concept I was very interested in. I enjoy learning about our galaxy because thinking about how small we are not only as humans but as a planet compared to our real home the Milky way is astonishing. Knowing that there is more to our universe than our solar system and our galaxy steers me into dangerous thinking about what else could be out there in our vast galaxy or universe.

The cosmic dance post was another favorite of mine because I was able to learn and then write about the conjoining of two black holes in space. The concept of a black hole has always grabbed my attention, a vast deep black nothingness that no one has ever been in or seen in person. These celestial entities move along in our universe only causing destruction in its path. My curiosity peaks when I think about what is inside the black hole and what does it lead to. That is something I would like to further my knowledge on and see what kind of theories I can come up with or read about.

Before taking this class, I thought astronomy was about basic knowledge about space with concepts only pertaining to stars, planets, and our sun. However, that was the case, we learned much more than the basic principles of astronomy. I really enjoyed learning about the temperature and luminosity of stars in the night sky. I also really enjoyed learning about the different moon phases and positions that our moon goes through in a calendar month. The most surprising thing I learned while I was in this class was how people like Newton and Kepler thought of these vast complex concepts about motion and space well before technology and science had developed into what we know it as today. I fairly enjoyed writing blog posts because they allowed me to keep my mind sharp with the information I just had learned that day in astronomy. I also enjoyed reading up on current astronomical events because the more background knowledge I learned within our class lectures, I was able to relate what I learned to these current event posts and not be confused as to what they were discussing. In the future, I would recommend anyone to take astronomy 101 because I feel that this class is crucial to modern day learning and having the mature consciousness to be aware of what’s going on in our modern universe. In regards to future classes, in my opinion I would recommend that the class curriculum stay the same because it is a nice steady flow of work that isn’t overwhelming and allows the student to learn the material properly. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and how it was structured even though at first I was skeptical of the course plan. I’ve learned so much in this semester and I can honestly say this was one of my favorite classes.


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