Final objective

One of my favorite blog posts I wrote about was the 9Th objective about telescopes, and I wrote about the James Webb telescope. This was one of my favorites because we have learned so much from the Hubble telescope and the James Webb one is going to be even better at finding things space. The Hubble has made so many discoveries and to know that in October 2018 were going to make so many more with the James Webb telescope. What excites me the most about this telescope is that it may be able to solve some of the theories that were made about so many astronomical objects like stars, planets, black holes, other galaxies, and many more. This article really showed me how we have revolutionized with technology because this telescope is going to be so much better than one of the best ones already being used. Another blog post that was my favorite to write about was the 12th objective about explaining the H-R diagram. This post was one of my favorite ones because through-out astronomy the H-R diagram has helped me so much. This diagram tells you so many properties of stars and its really helpful/easy to use. On the diagram it tells you the lifespan of different stars and planets, luminosity, surface temperature, mass and size of the stars and planets. It is color coded, the colors represent how big and how hit the stars are. the H-R diagram also is sorted out by letters O B A F K M on the bottom of the diagram, showing the hottest to the coolest stars. The H-R diagram is used by astronomers to categorize stars and planets. Most of the planets are on the main sequence, this is stars on the diagonal of the diagram. Big and little stars are usually off of it, bug stars in the upper right and little in the lower left.

               Overall learning how to use the H-R diagram has made understanding the properties of stars a lot easier. I enjoyed the process of writing blog post because I got to learn and read about the most recent news about space. From researching different articles to reading everyone else’s posts it was really cool to be learning about different theories, different equipment used in space, how the galaxy is changing, and about other earth-like planets being discovered. It all was very informational and I feel it was more effective than taking quizzes or tests because if the fact that you have to really apply what we’re learning in class to the article, meaning you have to really understand it the material to write about it. The mot surprising thing about astronomy to me is that there’s always things changing and it could be happening right now and we wouldn’t even know about it for years. There’s so much we have learned from astronomy but there is still so much that we haven’t and that’s what excites me about astronomy. before taking this class I thought astrometry was just about planets and stars. I didn’t know that there was so much more than that, learning about all of the different things going on above really sparked an interest in what exactly we haven’t learned yet. I found myself in the class thinking of my own theories and trying to just understand how gravity and supernovas and all the other crazy things we learned about worked.



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