Over this astronomy semester, I have 2 blog post that stand out to me when I think about my favorites. The blog post that pops into my head first is , “Why Earth Has Four Seasons“. The reason I consider this blog one of my favorites is because it proved what I believed about seasons all my life wrong. That might sound weird, however once the article stated bluntly my common sense theory that the seasons change depending on the distance away from the sun was wrong, I was instantly intrigued in this article. Therefore, I went on in enjoying reading why when the sun is closer to the earth it would be summer and when the earth was farther from the sun it would be winter, was proved wrong. Although, I was bummed at first that what I believed for so long was wrong, I found the actual reason why the earth has four seasons to be even more interesting. I found it so cool that we learned in class that the real reason we have four seasons is because ” our planet’s axis of rotation is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees relative to our orbital plane– the plane of Earth’s orbit around the sun “. This blew my mind , because that is something i would have never thought in a million years. Next , I found the reason why our planet is tilted just as interesting . Which is Earth is tilted is because the earth’s axis is strongly influenced by the way mass is distributed over the planet. “Large amounts of land mass and ice sheets in the northern hemisphere make Earth top-heavy.” . Therefore, this article was one of my favorites because I really enjoyed the overall information learned in this objective on why earth has four seasons. My second objective that stands out to me when I think favorite is, “How Moon Phases Work“. In the objective we learned about how moon phases are created by the moon as it moves around the earth and receives different angles of light from the sun. Also, we went over the different type of phases the moon can have , like the “waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent.” Therefore, overall, This is the second blog I would consider a favorite is because this is something that once I look in the sky at the moon i just do not see a shape,  I now see the type of phase the moon is in know what causes these moon to be in the phase it is. Therefore, it makes looking in the sky more interesting to me, and that is why this is one of my favorite blog posts.

Before taking this class I thought astronomy class was going to be just about stars, the moon , and planets because that is all I thought astronomy was. However, after taking this course I know if that was a question in a blog post I would be receiving a comment that says “redo for further rating” ahha. I learned that astronomy is a never ending learning course, that will last the rest of my life not just the semester. In the universe their is so much more that can be discovered, tested , or observed and astronomers will be doing just that till the end of time.  I really enjoyed the process of writing blog posts in the end because it really pushed me to the maximum in learning everything I could about each objective and that is what i needed. If we did not have blog posts and have to write them in the format we did , I would of learned extremely less information than I could of . The blogs pushed me to understand the objectives clearly and to identify my flaws and specialties about each and every objective. Lastly, when I compare how I felt about astronomy at the start of the semester to how I feel now about astronomy, I would say a lot has changed. Now when talking about astronomy and different areas in it such as direction that stars rise and set, how the north star is not the brightest star in the sky , etc…. I now am very knowledgeable about these certain areas and can explain/ teach them to someone else if needed. Therefore, I am completely satisfied I took this course because I can now look at the sky or see different things in the paper or in society that have to do with astronomy and actually be able to relate to it , thanks to this course.


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