Reflection of Astronomy!

To begin, we have done over 17 conceptual objectives. With over 17 blog posts objectives being learned and completed their were three of them that stood out over the others. These three blogs posts and objective gave me the ability to fully understand space and astronomy. These three objective were able to show me more insight in a small spec compared to the entire universe. These were the ones that grabbed my attention and took my learning about my learning experience and blasted it right to the moon. These are my three favorite objectives and blog posts.

My all time favorite objective that I accomplished was the blog post called “Why are there Seasons.” This blog post was one my favorite to learn and write because it gave me the ability to learn exactly on how Earth was able to go through numerous seasons through a calendar year. I found this interesting because I have always been fascinated on how we were able to change seasons, why seasons are longer than others, and how do we go through so, many seasons all in a calendar year. This post gave me the ability to also, shut down a huge misconception I had with on seasons are created. The misconception that I thought why we are able to host seasons and that was I thought it had something to due with the distance between the sun and the Earth. After, learning about this objective I learned it was entirely untrue and the real reason is because its from the tilt of the earth towards the sun. Overall, this blog post was one of my favorites because I was able to learn something that I never knew about and it also shot down a huge misconception that I always that was true.

My all time second favorite objective that I accomplished was the blog post called “Astronomers find fossil stars from the beginning of the galaxy.” This blog post was one of my favorites because it showed me how astronomers determine the luminosity, the temperature, and size of stars. Furthermore, it was also gave me an idea on how to compare and apply what we learned from our class discussion and imply it toward this new star that was discovered. Another, thing that was interesting and it was able to showcase to the fourth front was the article I made the blog post on showed me that because of this celestial object that some of the stars that were able to tell how big these stars were able to get with billions of years passed. I think this is incredibly fascinating on how they are able to manipulate things and able to find this information out. It was also, incredible for me to understand how old our universe is. Lastly, this blog post was one of the most challenging posts to ever write out of all of them because of this I learned so, much from it and it gave me a huge challenge to face when writing it. Overall, this objective and blog post was of my favorites because of the amount of information I learned, the challenge of writing it, and helped me to fully understand a huge part of the universe.

My last favorite blog post to ever write was “This scorching hot nightmare planet just opened up avenues for finding alien life.” This article and blog post by far was the most interesting and fascinating ones to ever write about. It is because this blog post was able to showcase the possibilities of alien life. Alien life to me has always been a very interesting topic in my eyes and this article with the blog post was able to fully enclose an idea of alien life. Not, only did this article show me a way to learn about the possibilities of alien life in other galaxies it also showed the magnitude of our universe. This blog post gave me a realization by describing another galaxy, stars, and planets to showcase an idea on how immersive this universe really is. In, the blog post I was able to imply the things I learned in class, to show how our solar system was formed by comparing it to another universe that was discovered and how it was formed. Overall, this blog post was one of my favorites because it showed me the magnitude of the universe, possibilities of alien life, and how solar systems are formed when I never knew this information before this class.

Overall, this course has gave me so, much insight toward a huge galactic galaxy. This class has showcased so, many ideas, theologies, factual evidence information, and discoveries throughout the entire universe. In, beginning of this course I didn’t know much about the universe or even our solar system. To be clear, I even thought Pluto was still a planet. This course and how it was set up was able to fully learn and connect with each objective we did. Often, in classes I would just study hard for a test and then pass it and forget about it. Furthermore, because the ideology of doing blog posts about the source of material I was able to fully grasp about what I was learning and connecting with it. This was able for me to not only completely know a piece of subject matter but it also implanted the information in my brain and will never forget what I learned. Another, thing because of the information I learned I have also shared this information with co-workers, my family, and friends. For example, we will be outside and I will point to a star and talk them through on how this star was created. This course has been a huge conversation piece to my personal life and gave me an idea of something I have always been fascinated about but knew almost nothing about until I took this course. To conclude, I have to say the blog posts were extremely effective and helped me to remember the information I learned for years to come.


Jacob Ybarra.


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