The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast

I found an article titled, “The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast”. The Universe expanding faster than scientists had thought as new research suggests. Astronomers have been studying the current universe expansion rate, which is a valve called the Hubble constant, after American astronomer Edwin Hubble. This new number is consistent with the calculations that was announced last year by a different research team. Which was led by Nobe laureate  Adam Riess. But this new calculation is very much higher than the calculation of the European Space Agency Planck satellite mission in 2015, which was roughly 41.6 miles per second per megaparsecs. This new study has shown how massive nearby galaxies wrap the light streaming from distant, super bright galactic cores known as quasars. They used the Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Telescope, as well as a number of ground bases instruments to collect the data. Courbin said in a statement, “Our method is the most simple and direct way to measure the Hubble constant, as it only uses geometry and general relativity no other assumption “. analyzing the Hubble observation of two different types of cosmic yardstick, Type la supernova’s and Cepheid, which is a pulse at the rate that are related to their true brightness. howsoever the Planck number, is a projected number that is based on the spacecraft’s measurements of the cosmic microwave background. The light left over from the Big Bang that created the universe 13.82 billion years ago.

The eighteen conceptual objective is, I can explain how astronomers know that the universe is expanding and how they determine the age of the universe.  astronomers use many different graphs and uses of telescopes to help determine the age of the universe and how it is expanding. A demo is arbitrary collection of dots that represent arbitrary galaxies. Along with Hubble’s law which measured the velocity of many galaxies, he found a simple relationship between distance and velocity. Which thought us closer galaxies are moving faster and faster galaxies are moving slower. An the WMAP telescope tells use the beginnings of the galaxies.  With these tools to help figure out are universe we can figure how old the universe is, which is the Hubble constant. The Hubble constant tells us how old the universe is.  Other ways astronomers are able to tell the universe is expanding is space itself is expanding, so every observer would see all galaxies are moving away. Universes were much smaller many years ago. the first from the big bang which was the start of space expanding.   The universe is roughly 1000 times larger now, and the wavelengths are 1000 large as well. In class we watched a YouTube video from a former JJC student. This video main them was Earth is a speck in the universe. It shown how Hubble’s law measured velocities and how we are such a  small part of the inter universe.

This article relates to what we learned in class because it is showing that us as astronomers are finding more and amore about the universe. This new calculation is going to help the world to be able to tell how old the universe truly is. Also I learned something new from this article. I did not know that they used geometry to calculate thing in space. This article was really cool to read.



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