Young Galaxy with Old Stars

In an article i read written by Hanneke Weitering, the article discusses how astronomers found a young galaxy that is far away and spotted with stardust that come from some of the earliest stars in the universe. This galaxy, named A2744_YD4, is the youngest galaxy that has ever been observed by this observatory in Chile, and is 13 billion light years away from earth. Astronomers used gravitational lensing by magnifying the light from a group of galaxies that are in front of this galaxy. This galaxy has a lot of dust which shows that there had to have been a supernova explosion since there was dust and gas clouds left behind. This galaxy was discovered to be 600 million years old, and has a mass of 2 billion star masses.

I can relate this article with this conceptual objective because I learned in class that the milky way has 1 trillion solar masses, and the galaxy that was being researched on in the article was 2 million star masses, which is a big difference. I can relate that this galaxy, like the milky way, is also a spiral galaxy because of the explanation that there is a bulge in the middle made from gases and old stars.

In class, we discussed page 137 labeled Milky Way Scales, which went over a few different galaxies, and we also looked at Galaxy Classifications on page 139 and looked through pictures and had to find the type of galaxy.

I thought the article was good because I enjoyed the pictures and hearing about this other galaxy that was discovered, I did not enjoy the class material on this subject however, because i found the lecture tutorials to be challenging and hard to understand compared to things we’ve learned in the past.


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