On universetoday.com i found an article titled “Hertzsprung-russel diagram” this article talks about the Hertzsprung-russell diagram which was designed as a way to organized stars, it shows a stars absolute magnitude verses its temperature. astronomers use this article to trace a star’s life cycle, they can also use this to estimate how far a cluster is away from earth.

I also found another article titled HUBBLE’S EARLY FESTIVITIES: IMAGING THE M13 GLOBULAR CLUSTER “SNOW GLOBE” this article talks about a globular cluster that was discovered by the hubble telescope, it’s about 25,000 light years away. The picture in the article represents a snow globe they named this new cluster M13. globular galaxies are very  common and they surround our galaxy. The article shows an H-R diagram that is used to compare all the stars in the cluster.


These two articles go along with the CO objective 12 “I can explain ow astronomers use the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram to study properties of stars” In class we did various clicker questions about this we also did a lecture tutorial about the H-R diagrams. In this lecture tutorial we learned how to read an H-R diagram we also learned that if stars had the same absolute magnitude they also had the same luminosity. and stars that have the same spectral type have the same temperature. We can use the H-R diagram to compare different stars, we can also use it to tell if a star is a red gain, a white dwarf or a main sequence star.

I found this unit very hard to find an article for, it was easy to find an article that explained what an H-R diagram was but it was hard to find a recent discovery related to H-R diagrams, and any article i saw that had an H-R diagram in it i used for a different article. I was not a fan of this unit.


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