Stars and stars and stars

The article I found is just a cool little explanation of what stars and planets will be visible during the solar eclipse that will be happening in august this summer. I think it is cool that we can see so much when the sun is blotted out for a few minutes. It is a very thorough article and gives you the degrees west and east it will be from the eclipse and so on. So if you’re interested in looking at planets during the solar eclipse its a good read

We know how far stars are from us by using the A.U. coupled with using the luminosity and size to determine if it is bright and small but far, or if it is huge and dull and close. We can determine this using spectroscopy and parallax. We can use parallax to determine how far away the star is and then spectroscopy to determine what the star is made of and how bright it is. and then once we have all that info we can conclude how big the star must be. We went over this in class when we talked about driving on a country road and the fence is flying by but the tree on the horizon is slowly going by.


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