Telescopes let us see Farrrrrr

The James Webb Telescope is going to be the biggest and baddest space telescope as of current. it is as of now going through some of its final stages and tests before getting shipped off to Texas for its vacuum test where they will make sure it will still function in a vacuum. This telescope has taken twenty  years to build and it is finally almost ready to be sent into space to help us look into the big black unknown of space.

Telescopes are used by astronomers to help them see really far away. Telescopes allow us to see light years away. They have helped us to learn almost all we know about the universe. We use on world telescopes foe most of the grunt work because they are easier and less complicated to maintain and use. But the problem is that our atmosphere makes it harder to see planets and stars. That’s why we also have off planet telescopes or space based ones. They get past the problem of the atmosphere skewing images. They are also capable of focusing on one area of space and they can soak up light to see more and more stars and galaxies. We talked about all this in class along with spectroscopy which is a much more advanced method of looking at stuff which we showcased in class with the different burning gas tubes.


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