New Type of Galaxy Discovered

Assessment 16- Other Galaxies

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Article link from

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of galaxy. PGC 1000714 appears to be a normal ring galaxy, consisting of a ring of stars around a galactic core. But this galaxy actually has two rings, the first time a galaxy like this has been observed.32894679-ring-galaxy-1.jpg

This galaxy is, in appearance, much different than our Milky Way, which is a barred spiral galaxy. A barred spiral galaxy appears like a spiral, with a bar running through the middle. This is different than PGC 1000714, which has uniform rings around it. This newly discovered type of galaxy is also much more rare, as only about 0.1 percent of galaxies, according to, are ring type galaxies. Spiral type galaxies are much more common, being the most common type of large galaxy.


I learned a lot about the Milky Way and other types of galaxies from this conceptual objective. I didn’t know much of anything about the structure of the Milky Way, and how it is similar and different than other types of galaxies. This article surprised me that we are still discovering new types of galaxies.


Author: jakek


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