Damn! The Universe Is Old

The article that I found talks about a star that is suspected to be one of the first stars to go supernova. This provides astronomers with an exciting look into the past of our universe about 600 million years ago. The star dust from the supernova is abnormally large and is hypothesized to be able to make 6 billion suns. These findings were all made with an observatory in Chile called ALMA. This article was cool to read and it also had a nice video to explain its findings.

The universe as we know it is very old. It is estimated to be about 13 Billion years old. The way astronomers can tell this is by determining the oldest stars age and knowing that the universe can’t be younger than that star. So scientists and astronomers have surmised 13.8 billion years to be how old the universe is although it can be older than but not younger than 11 billion years. And the way they can tell that the universe is expanding is by pointing a telescope (Hubble) at one point of blackness in the sky and letting it soak up light from that spot. What came back was a picture of many galaxies that we didn’t see before thus making us believe that galaxies are expanding outwards infinitely past the point where we can see them. We talked about the Hubble telescope in class and we looked at the picture it took of what was seemingly a black spot in the sky with no stars or solar systems in it, but was actually densely packed with stars and solar systems.


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