Milky Way Galaxy Vs. Other Stuff

The article I found talks about the very distantly close galaxy Andromeda and how it has these things called pulsars. Pulsars are ultra dense type of neutron star. It talks a little about similarities between the Andromeda galaxy and our own. The article is very technical and honestly a little hard to follow. But the information is good and the topic is interesting so its a pretty solid read.

One thing that i have learned in this class is that when comes to our solar system compared to every other one is that we are pretty average. The same goes for galaxies that are outside our own. Astronomers believe that almost every galaxy has a black hole at the center of them just like ours. And they contain the same materials as our own and some of them even look very similar to our own. We are exceptionally unexceptional to the rest of the universe in many ways. But we are very special because we are as of current, the only anomaly. And we are the only life we know of in the universe. And i think our galaxy is pretty special considering it is ours in a weird way. We went over other galaxies in class and we discussed the Andromeda galaxy which is the closest galaxy to our own.


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