Stars Die

The article that I found is about how dying stars that are rapidly expanding can create new habitable zones that could flourish with life. The example they use is that when our sun turns into a red giant it will create the possibility that some of the moons of Saturn could begin flourishing new life or the new heat source could thaw out life that may have existed before it froze over. Its cool to think that life is all around us but in order to find it we just need to get a little bit warmer.

Stars “die” when they run out of materials for molecular fusion. Depending on the mass of the star it may go through only one phase of fusion or multiple. The more massive stars have the mass to convert helium to carbon and then possibly helium and carbon to oxygen. Or the carbon  can just become more and more dense to for a neutron star. Which is extremely dense and small, some are smaller than our earth. If a star doesn’t have enough mass to do all these types of fusion however then they instead expand and then fall in on themselves. This can result in a final and rapid expansion that causes supernovae or if it is more massive it can continue to compress and make a black hole. We talked about all this in class somewhere around the time we started talking about the composition of stars and I believe we looked at supernova pictures.


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