The Milky Way

The article that I found is one that talks about the Gaia space craft and how it has helped to make a star density map our milky way galaxy. I have no idea how the technology works but apparently the Spacecraft is being sent out to make the most accurate 3d map of our galaxy ever. So that is really cool and hopefully we will be able to see its completion in our lifetimes.

The best way I can think to describe the way the galaxy looks like is like if you have ever flushed cereal down a toilet and before all the milk goes down the toilet and the milk is kinda swirly and clumpy with some chunks of coco puffs in it, well that, it…that’s kinda what the milky way galaxy looks like. But then imagine that that toilet is so unimaginably big that your head would explode trying to fathom it. The milky way galaxy is like a giant swirl looking thing that has a black hole at the center sucking everything in and making it swirl and spin. the swirl part of the milky way galaxy rather than being milk and coco puffs is actually planets and stars and other chunks of matter that make up millions of solar systems including our own. We talked about this in class through a power point that showed that the galaxy is actually really flat and disk like and super long the skinny way.


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