Moon Phases and Eclipses

The third conceptual objective, I can explain the causes of moon phases and eclipses, has been highlighted in class over the last couple of weeks. In class, we discussed the causes of the moon phases and eclipses. We learned that the illumination of the moon is caused by the suns light. We also viewed the phases of the moon from a two-dimensional view on paper. Many other relations to this subject were emphasized in each class. We contrasted lunar and solar eclipses as well as viewing them in visual form to get a better understanding. The article I chose, “The Path Through the United States”, is a website exclusively dedicated to the total solar eclipse that will be able to be seen from North America, specifically the United States. This website closely relates to the conceptual objective 3. Upon entering the website, a noticeable countdown appears in the upper right corner, giving users a “heads up”. On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible to many of those along the totality line in the United States, weather permitting of course. Be aware, special eye protection is strongly advised when looking at the eclipse. Seeing this eclipse is important to a lot of people because this phenomenon will not occur for another seven years for this general area. The shadow is only projected to touch the United States for about an hour and a half. In class, we learned various things about solar eclipses. A solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun and its shadow is projected on Earth. For this to occur, the moon must be in the new moon phases. A total solar eclipse is when the moon blocks the entire light of the sun. On August 21, the day of the eclipse, those living in the Chicago land area will only be able to see a partial solar eclipse. This website was very informative and discusses everything you need to know about this well-anticipated upcoming phenomenon. The website is very comparable to what we exercised in class regarding eclipses. Learning something new is a lot easier when you can compare it to real live experiences. In August, my understanding of eclipses and moon phases will be concluded in the best way possible. This website has given me further insight on the third conceptual objective.

Christopher Stricker